About Relive
Relive lets everyone capture and share their outdoor adventures. Turn your experience into a personal story worth sharing.

Whether you’re exploring new roads, catching up with friends, or training for your next big achievement; we all share a passion for the outdoors. During our adventures, we create new friendships and lasting memories.

No wonder Relive started during a cycling holiday on Tenerife. After a beautiful day of stunning scenery, tough climbs, and friendly competition, we wanted to capture these memories and share our stories from the road with friends and family. The idea for Relive was born; we started building after our daily rides during that same holiday.

Now, we’re proud to see more than a million athletes are using Relive to share their own stories. A community inspiring millions of people around the world with their passion for the outdoors.

Early 2017 we launched the first version of our mobile app for Android and iPhone. Growing fast, we’ve set out on a mission to let every outdoor enthusiast Relive and share their unique experiences.

Let’s show you’ve been out there,

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