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Turn your Strava ride into a legendary movie

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How it works

1 Connect with Strava

Connect your Strava account with Relive. This allows us to get the necessary info about your rides to create the movies.

2 Go ride

Get on that bike and ride! Make sure you track it with Strava or a device which syncs to Strava.

3 Watch and share

This is where the magic happens. A few hours after your ride you’ll receive your own movie in your inbox. Enjoy!

Who we are has been built by 3 friends from The Netherlands. At the end of last year we were cycling in Tenerife, and figured it would be amazing to capture our cycling holiday in a movie. Our friends challenged us to build it ourselves, so the same evening we were coding the first prototype.. Now, a couple of months later, it's ready for you to use!

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