About Relive

Relive creates memories worth sharing. Go out there, and inspire others with your unique outdoor adventures.

Whether we’re exploring new roads, catching up with friends, or training for our next big achievement; we all share a passion for the outdoors.

No wonder Relive started during a cycling holiday on Tenerife. After a beautiful day of stunning scenery, tough climbs, and friendly competition, we wanted to capture these memories and share our stories with friends and family. The idea for Relive was born!

Within weeks we launched our website and the videos were picked up by athletes over the whole world. Reactions have been overwhelming!

Time flies quickly and in the early 2017 we launched our mobile app for Android and iPhone. Within 3 years, a community of more than 9 million people has been inspiring others with their passion for the outdoors - creating over 100 million unique videos.

Now, we’ve set out on a mission to become the leading and exciting community of outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

Let’s go out there and live for the adventure.

Team Relive


Agata Ageieva

A Product Designer from Ukraine obsessed with all things design, coffee and long hikes. Always up for an adventure 🙌

Alessandro Ariës

Alessandro likes to ski and has a passion for good food. So with the epic lunches at Relive, he felt straight at home. He strengthens the team with his programming skills.

Amin Mahrami

He found cycling as his new hobby and he TRIES to do training and catch up with the athletes in the team, In the meantime he works in technical section to make Relive experience more awesomesauce.

Asimenia Vasilikopoulou

When Menia is not focused on exploring how to deliver the best experience to Relive fans, she’s probably cooking greek food, travelling or learning how to balance herself on her new skateboard.

Benjamin Grabow

Working as a full stack developer at Relive, Ben tries to give every user the best experience. If he's not busy working at Relive, you'll find him hiking, swimming or cycling.

Bryan van Wijk

This man can fix any job, anytime. From bug squashing to front-end polishing.

Dylan Kors

Dylan is a product designer that is always looking for opportunities to make Relive even more awesome. Loves efficiency, creativity and nature. Is actually a football player, but has recently discovered that cycling can also be a lot of fun.

Elena Segura Sordo

As a product manager, she needs to understand users to make Relive the best outdoor community. She got into boxing recently, and she likes exploring the Netherlands with her bike during the weekends and having long meals with her friends. Even though she comes from Spain, do not ask her to cook a meal as you may get disappointed.

Frikkie Snyman

If the sun’s out, he enjoys throwing a tjoppie on the braai and reminiscing about South Africa! Thus due to the Dutch weather, he's spending most of his time improving Relive to the max.

Janie Snyman

When she is not out and about taking her favourite poodle 🐩 for a walk, Janie makes sure that everything is going smooth in support! As our Customer Support Specialist, Janie ensures that the team hears your voice!

Jasper Meijaard

Likes to explore, try and do everything the world has to offer. Jasper loves to go outside for a hike, snowboard or longboard trip. As full stack developer at Relive he tries to give every user an awesome experience.

Jayla Cosentino

Is responsible for recruitment at Relive. When she is not working on hiring the best team out there, she loves exploring the netherlands on her bike and taking her dog out on long hikes.

Joep van der Heijden

I really enjoy creating products people love and to solve problems with technology (or even better without technology). Come to me for advice on whisky, local beers and how to reduce your plastic waste.

Joost Krapels

Joost, IT consultant and privacy specialist at ICT Institute, is our Data Protection Officer. He is CIPP/E certified, and advises us on all privacy related matters.

Joris van Kruijssen

What he lacks in cycling skills, Joris makes up with his design chops. This Dutch design engineer combines his analytical and creative skills to create bright concepts and turns them into interactive gems.

Jochem Lugtenburg

They say sports can become an addiction. Well, Jochem never took the risk to find out. He better puts his time into his study Computer Science and building awesome stuff for Relive.

Katia Tkachenko

Forged in the vastitude of Siberia, Katia loves being in the wilderness and wander through nature, always in search of a new, breath-taking sunset. She joined Relive as a Product Manager to build a great user experience for our app, continuously looking for new ways to inspire people to explore the outdoors and #getoutthere

Laurent Dieste

Once broke three hours in the marathon and is convinced that eating doughnuts was the key point of his buildup since then. When not running, Laurent tries to stoke our community about everything related to what we passionately do!

Lee Clissett

When he's not busy trying to make Relive Club even more awesome, Lee can be found snowboarding, riding his skateboard around Amsterdam, or hiking with his dog Bruno.

Lex Daniels

Started Relive together with Yousef & Joris. Uses his analytical background to make sure team Relive focuses on the right stuff. Loves to ride his bike(s)!

Manuel Montoya

Fullstack developer focused on improving Relive. Manuel enjoys solving all kinds of problems with diverse technologies. Advocate for simplicity and minimalism.

Marco Cot

One of the biggest Relive fans and our beloved support assistant. Marco is the ultimate support hero who can help, support and explain to you everything about Relive.

Mathijs Oord

In weekends he can be found on his bike discovering the wider surroundings of Amsterdam. Doing so, he never misses out on an opportunity to stop for coffee. Working as a Product manager the other days, Mathijs is focussed on making Relive the most loveable app for outdoor enthusiasts.

Mauricio Coelho

His sport is Crossfit, defined as constantly varied skills performed at high intensity that also translates to his job as a Full Stack Developer at Relive.

Michael Vermeulen

As a product designer he uses his creative skills to make Relive an even greater product for our users. He likes watching sports, but loves to get out there to play football or shoot some photos. He is also a so-called ’nice weather cyclist’.

Mickaël Bernini

When he is not singing on his bike, creating crazy sandwiches or cheering at cycle races, Mickaël is our data analyst. He makes sure the app works fine for all and experiments new features.

Niklas Kors

Multi-disciplined software engineer who knows how to build a scalable and great performing backend infrastructure. In his fear of missing out on future bike adventures he bought a racing bike shortly after he joined Relive.

Ralf Nieuwenhuizen

Runs so fast, even on a bike it's hardly possible to keep up. After graduating first of his class with a thesis on sports visualization, he continues to combine his passion for sports and Software Engineering as Relive's Chief of Mobile.

Ronald Steen

In between snowboarding, surfing and cycling, with his extensive experience as software architect Ronald leads our backend and infrastructure engineering.

Sander van Houdt

A product designer at heart with a drive for results built up through 10+ years of experience. Is involved with everything at Relive that touches on design, ranging from brand to core product. His other passion is hiking, and finding places in Japan that he hasn’t visited yet.

Yoeri Appel

Loves to ride the bike to everywhere he goes. Passionate follower of professional sports. At Relive he's currently applying his interest in data visualization, image processing and 3D rendering for his Computer Science master thesis.

Yousef El-Dardiry

All-round software developer and entrepreneur with a passion for building great products and data visualizations. Except for a period at Microsoft, Yousef has always been working on his own projects and launched multiple startups.

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