Relive now syncs with Rouvy

If you’re using ROUVY, you’re now able to connect your account to Relive and turn all of your indoor activities into awesome Relive 3D videos like if they happened outside!

Note: Make sure you update the Relive app (IOS, Android).

Connect your Rouvy account to Relive

  1. Go on and log into your account.
  2. Navigate to Settings, Cloud, and select Relive in the list.
  3. Click the Allow button so that ROUVY has permission to upload activities to your Relive profile.
  4. That’s it, time to get out there—your future activities will automatically show up in the Relive app! :)

Create awesome videos

  1. Open the Relive app and start editing your ROUVY activity.
  2. We pre-select the photos/videos you might have taken during your activity and place them on your route. We call them Moments.
  3. You can edit them by adding a note, an emoji and other photos/videos. You can also create new ones by pressing Add Moments at the bottom.
  4. Done? Press Create and your video will be ready within a couple of minutes.

Videos with music, HD, and more

Make more awesome videos with Relive Plus. Enter for a 30-day free trial now:
  • HD videos
  • Control video speed
  • Edit. Anytime.
  • Add music
  • Get priority
  • Long activities
  • Interactive route
Any questions? We’re here to help!
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