About Relive

Relive creates memories worth sharing. Get out there, and inspire others with your unique outdoor adventures.

Whether we’re exploring new roads, catching up with friends, or training for our next big achievement; we all share a passion for the outdoors.

No wonder Relive started during a cycling holiday on Tenerife. After a beautiful day of stunning scenery, tough climbs, and friendly competition, we wanted to capture these memories and share our stories with friends and family. The idea for Relive was born!

Within weeks we launched our website and the videos were picked up by athletes over the whole world. Reactions have been overwhelming!

Time flies quickly and in the early 2017 we launched our mobile app for Android and iPhone. Within 3 years, a community of more than 9 million people has been inspiring others with their passion for the outdoors - creating over 100 million unique videos.

Now, we’ve set out on a mission to become the leading and exciting community of outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

Let’s go out there and live for the adventure.

Team Relive


Anastasiia Ivanova

Anastasiia joined Relive to help build awesome teams and be part of an outdoor community. She used to try various sports but decided to stick with running and swimming to continue eating her favourite food.

Asimenia Vasilikopoulou

When Menia is not focused on exploring how to deliver the best experience to Relive fans, she’s probably cooking greek food, travelling or learning how to balance herself on her new skateboard.

Bastiaan Terhorst

Bastiaan leads the engineering team as CTO. In his free time he enjoys climbing, long-distance hikes and cooking (almost anything).

Bryan van Wijk

This man can fix any job, anytime. From bug squashing to front-end polishing.

Fabrizia Ausiello

Fab is an Italian product designer currently based in Greece. In her free time she pretends to be a cyclist, enjoys long hikes in nature, reading, making playlists & playing records.

Frikkie Snyman

Relive's self-proclaimed braai-master. If Frikkie is not behind the fire, then you can either find him behind his laptop or on the golf course!

George Popovic

Aside from his passion for programming, there's little he enjoys more than a nice day spent skiing. He also likes working out and exploring new places

Janie Snyman

When she is not watching home decor videos she tries to get outside with her dachshunds. As our Customer Support Specialist, Janie ensures that the team hears your voice!

Jasper Meijaard

Likes to explore, try and do everything the world has to offer. Jasper loves to go outside for a hike, snowboard or longboard trip. As full stack developer at Relive he tries to give every user an awesome experience.

Jochem Lugtenburg

They say sports can become an addiction. Well, Jochem never took the risk to find out. He better puts his time into his study Computer Science and building awesome stuff for Relive.

Joris van Kruijssen

Started Relive with Lex and Yousef in 2016. As chief operations he's making sure that our growing team can do their work in the best way possible. Next to that, he loves to hike around the world.

Juan Carlos Toledano

Product Designer from Spain, always eager to explore and learn about the world! Passionate about design and tech, and everything in between. When not designing or making products, he enjoys a good basketball pickup game, ping pong match or a nice hike!

Kamil Wojtczyk

Kamil would run the extra mile just to get a cup of a decent coffee. When not pursuing caffeine, he's busy building new features as a Full Stack Developer.

Katia Tkachenko

Forged in the vastitude of Siberia, Katia loves being in the wilderness and wander through nature, always in search of a new, breath-taking sunset. She joined Relive as a Product Manager to build a great user experience for our app, continuously looking for new ways to inspire people to explore the outdoors and #getoutthere

Kees Groenewegen

Kees used to be into running until he experienced how much further he could go when stepping on a racebike. In his job as CFO he really enjoys working with the rest of the team on the longer term growth of Relive.

Kristine de Vries

Kristine contributes to the team as a Full Stack Developer. When she is not busy writing code, she enjoys taking long walks, reading and spending time with her two cats.

Lee Clissett

When he's not busy trying to make Relive even more awesome, Lee can be found snowboarding, riding his skateboard around Amsterdam, or hiking with his dog Bruno.

Lex Daniels

Started Relive together with Yousef & Joris. Uses his analytical background to make sure team Relive focuses on the right stuff. Loves to ride his bike(s)!

Loïc Tse

Loïc has a keen interest in innovation and building products people love. He's also up for debate about the use of the oxford comma or discussing existential dread while hiking or mountaineering.

Mads Owen

Mads has joined us to help build brilliant product teams at Relive. When not recruiting, you can find him hiking, running, dancing to 80s disco classics, or pretending to be a DIY expert.....

Marta Sánchez

As a Product Analyst, Marta digs into the data to find the insights that help us create an amazing product for our users. Outside of the office, you can find her playing with her cats, reading a book, or discovering new spots in the nature.

Nuwan Werellagama

After exploring most of Seoul with his bicycle, he contributes to Relive as a full stack developer. Legend says that he is still figuring out how to ride a fixie.

Pavol Fulop

He contributes to the team as a full stack developer. Outside of work, he loves to exercise on his rowing machine or spend some time in the beautiful nature of Norway.

Ralf Nieuwenhuizen

Runs so fast, even on a bike it's hardly possible to keep up. After graduating first of his class with a thesis on sports visualization, he continues to combine his passion for sports and Software Engineering as Relive's Chief of Mobile.

Rianne Meijers

Rianne is passionate about data, music, long hikes and exploring new places. As a product analyst she discovers insights that help create the best experience for our users.

Ronald Steen

In between snowboarding, surfing and cycling, with his extensive experience as software architect Ronald leads our backend and infrastructure engineering.

Thom van Ostaijen

Thom is an analytics & tech passionate who loves to improve the Relive experience by leveraging awesome analytical solutions. Outside of work, he enjoys cycling, hiking, playing soccer, and road tripping.

Tina Idema

As Product Manager, Tina continuously looks for ways to make Relive an even more awesome product. She loves yoga, hiking, Formula 1, and recently bought a race bike.

Yamila Fritzler

When she isn't riding her longboard, taking care of her plants, reading a book, or hiking with friends, she contributes to the team as a product designer. Curiosity is her fuel to explore the world and discover the nuances of human behavior. She loves spending time outdoors while listening to some good tunes.

Yousef El-Dardiry

All-round software developer and entrepreneur with a passion for building great products and data visualizations. Except for a period at Microsoft, Yousef has always been working on his own projects and launched multiple startups.

Živilė Meškauskaitė

Živilė is a community builder wildly passionate about all things outdoors. In her free time, she's walking in the woods, swimming in the sea, knitting sweaters and reading novels.

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