Relive API Overview

Welcome to the Relive developer platform 🤓💻🔥.

We want to allow developers and partners to build great integrations with Relive. We also want to protect our users’ privacy and security.

In order to access the Relive API, please make sure to read and accept our API terms, and fill in the application form.


The Relive API is a simple REST-based API to upload and read activities on behalf of Relive users.

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The Relive API uses the open standard OAuth 2.0 to let your app communicate with the Relive API on behalf of an end-user. This enables your app to upload and retrieve resources for a user without access to his password. Your app asks for specific permission scopes and obtains access tokens upon a user's approval, putting the end-user in control of his / her data.

Request authorization

To initiate the flow, redirect the end-user to Pass in the following query parameters as per the OAuth 2.0 standards:

  • client_id: the application’s ID
  • redirect_uri
  • response_type: "code"
  • scope space-separated list of scopes to request (user:read, activity:read and / or activity:write)
  • state (optional)
Token exchange

After this authorization, you can exchange the code for a access and refresh tokens. You should do so using the OAuth 2.0 Token endpoint, using a grant_type of authorization_code.

Token Refresh

Access tokens are short-lived, and will periodically need to be renewed using the refresh token. You should do so using the OAuth 2.0 Token endpoint, using a grant_type of refresh_token.

OpenAPI & Swagger Client SDKs

A complete OpenAPI 3.0 schema for the Relive API is available at

Based on this schema, you can use Swagger tools such as Swagger Codegen to generate a client library in your preferred programming language.