Relive API Overview

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The Relive API is a simple REST-based API to upload and read activities on behalf of Relive users.

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The Relive API uses the open standard OAuth 2.0 to let your app communicate with the Relive API on behalf of an end-user. This enables your app to upload and retrieve resources for a user without access to his password. Your app asks for specific permission scopes and obtains access tokens upon a user's approval, putting the end-user in control of his / her data.

Request authorization

To initiate the flow, redirect the end-user to Pass in the following query parameters as per the OAuth 2.0 standards:

  • client_id: the application’s ID
  • redirect_uri
  • response_type: "code"
  • scope space-separated list of scopes to request (user:read, activity:read and / or activity:write)
  • state (optional)
Token exchange

After this authorization, you can exchange the code for a access and refresh tokens. You should do so using the OAuth 2.0 Token endpoint, using a grant_type of authorization_code.

Token Refresh

Access tokens are short-lived, and will periodically need to be renewed using the refresh token. You should do so using the OAuth 2.0 Token endpoint, using a grant_type of refresh_token.

OpenAPI & Swagger Client SDKs

A complete OpenAPI 3.0 schema for the Relive API is available at

Based on this schema, you can use Swagger tools such as Swagger Codegen to generate a client library in your preferred programming language.